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9 Best Valentino Perfumes For Men Must Have!

Valentino is a well-known fragrance company, possibly most known for its dark, decadent smells. Despite not having the most comprehensive collection of colognes, it offers some excellent ones. But which Scents are the greatest for men, making it a luxurious feel?

So here at Hamzayi, we researched and handpicked the best Valentino Perfumes for men.

1. Valentino Uomo (Reviewer’s Choice)

The Valentino scent, Uomo, served as the model for other flankers. This perfume has a lovely gourmet flavor and a sweet aroma. This perfume starts with a subtle citrusy leather aroma.

The aroma then swiftly changes to one that is considerably sweeter and sensual. You get a deep, dark, and sweet aroma when components like hazelnut, chocolate, and coffee are combined.

Valentino Uomo Bottle


Bergamot and myrtle are the scent of Valentino Uomo that stand out the most. Hazelnut, cocoa, and roasted coffee beans make up the middle notes. Leather and cedar make up the base tones.

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The fragrance’s leather note continues throughout, offering this gourmand smell a special and diverse impression.


The best season to use Valentino Uomo is in Winter. Those chilly winter days will pair beautifully with the sweet, gourmand smell.

This scent is ideal for wearing on those days as a casual scent. Yet, this gourmet scent also shines as a nighttime or even a date-night scent. This scent is Worthwhile given all of its applications.

2. Valentino Uomo Intense

The ‘Valentino Uomo line of fragrances, their most successful fragrance brand, has been the inspiration for several flankers. These also account for the majority of their offerings in the men’s cologne category.

Given the quality of all of Valentino’s perfumes, you may be curious about which ones are the brand’s most famous for men.

The aroma of Uomo Intense is magnificent, profound, and black, and it has a scent that is sweet and leathery at the same time. This fragrance starts with a somewhat sweet perfume reminiscent of fruit. A powerful and powdery iris aroma will become apparent immediately following this introduction.

The rich and velvety aroma of tonka bean has been added, and this scent imparts a pleasant touch of sweetness to the smell. The foundation of this fragrance includes vanilla, which contributes an additional layer of sweetness,

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in addition to a perfume reminiscent of leather. This luxurious, almost sugary, and leathery scent exudes an incredibly fantastic aroma.

Valentino perfumes for men


Mandarin and clary sage are featured prominently in the top notes of Uomo Intense. Tonka bean and iris are both found in the middle notes. Vanilla and leather are the notes that make up the basis. Deep, dark, and sweet notes might be too overbearing on a hot day, but they’re great for a chilly one.


This is a great scent to wear during the winter, and you may wear this scent casually throughout the cooler months. Still, it also has a more professional sense, making it ideal for formal occasions.

3. Valentino Uomo Born In Roma

The Uomo collection has a new addition in the form of “Born In Roma”.

The aroma has a lovely, somewhat aquatic scent when it first dries down, and there’s also a tinge of saltiness in the air.

After a time, you’ll detect a crisp, peppery aroma. The woody tones in the base of this scent complement the sweet, aquatic opening well. Although this isn’t the most original scent out there, it’s certainly not a horrible one.

valentino for men


Talking about Its Notes, Violet leaves, salt, and mineral undertones are at the forefront of Roma’s aroma. Ginger and sage make up the middle tones, and the vetiver and woody notes at the bottom really set the mood.


During the spring and summer, Valentino Uomo Born in Roma is a wonderful scent to wear. Despite this being a sweeter scent,

While this scent may be worn casually throughout the warmer months, this fragrance also works well as a club aroma.

It is an excellent choice for a date to attract women’s attention.

4. Valentino Uomo Noir Absolu

It is a dark, enigmatic fragrance with a sweet, somewhat spicy perfume from Uomo Noir.

The smell begins with a warm, spicy opening that’s tinged with powder. It takes a little bit for this perfume to level out. But it does so gradually.

It’s still a dark and mysterious aroma, but it’s not as overpowering now. The sandalwood note in the base of this fragrance lends the smell a woody, somewhat sweet aroma.

valnetino noir absolu bottle


The Uomo Noir Absolu opens with cinnamon and pepper on the nose. Incense and olibanum make up the middle notes, and Sandalwood is the underlying note.


Another excellent winter scent from the house of Valentino is Uomo Noir Absolu. As with other scents, this one works well as a midday scent. Make sure to dress up a little, since the aroma of this fragrance would be more suited if you did so.

Throughout the year, this scent is perfect for a night out or a romantic date.

5. Valentino Uomo Acqua

For those who want a more youthful take on the Valentino Uomo brand, Acqua is the ideal choice.

The new version has a more fragrant, fresh, and green smell, but it still has the same genetic makeup as the old one. This fragrance’s iris opening is just like the original’s.

However, the aroma of mandarins adds a burst of freshness and fruitiness. The basis of this fragrance has a leathery aroma, which lends it a more masculine feel.

The scent is predominantly fresh, with a hint of green and citrus notes.

valnetino acqua bottle


There are top notes of Mandarin and Tomato in Homme Acqua. Patchouli and sage make up the middle tones. Iris and leather make up the scent’s bases.


The Acqua version, which complements the original well, doesn’t really compete with the other Valentino Uomo scents. The freshness of its scent makes it more appropriate for the warmer months of the year. This is a wonderful, light summer scent that’s perfect for lounging about in the sun.

In addition, because of the iris and leather, this scent gives off a somewhat opulent mood.

6. Valentino Uomo Noir Absolu Oud Essence

Absolu Oud Essence by Valentino is a wonderful smell that is both dark and woody at the same time. Oud and spices fill the air as soon as this perfume is spritzed on.

However, it rapidly transforms into an intoxicating aroma that is both warm and inviting. Leathery and woody tones combine to create a unique perfume that leans more toward the woods.

This is a beautiful fragrance, though, and the dark, warm, and deep perfume are to die for.

Valentino Oud Essence


Saffron, cedar, rosewood, juniper, leather, and oud are all present. This is a fantastic choice if you want harmonious, warm fragrances that hit floral tones without being overpowering because of the fragrance’s rich, warm, and dark perfume, which works nicely with any outfit.


This fragrance has a deep, warm, and dark aroma that is great for those chilly winter days. This cologne is not only appropriate for everyday use, but it also exudes an air of elegance and refinement, making it ideal for more formal settings.

Although this scent is flexible, it may be more suited to males who are a bit older. Amazon has the scent classified as a women’s scent, but it is really a men’s scent. If you’re interested, you can get it here.

7. Valentino Valentina Myrrh Assoluto

Myrrh is a note that is rarely utilized in perfumes, and even when it is, it can be done terribly.

A notable exception is Myrrh Assoluto, a wonderful scent. The 2016 release of Valentina Myrrh Assoluto is founded on the characteristics of grandeur, richness, refinement, and grace.

The Valentina Assoluto Collection also includes Rosa Assoluto, a homage to Rosa, and Oud Assoluto. 

Valentina myrrh bottle


The mixture was created by perfumers Olivier Cresp and Hamid Merati-Kasha using Indian jasmine, myrrh, leathery vanilla, ylang, and Musk Warm, with notes of sweet vanilla and deep leather that appear intermittently while you wear it.

It is assertive and encompassing, like a blanket thrown around your body. 


Given its imposing attractiveness, which begs to be seen and praised, this is not a personality to be taken lightly…Avoid using this sort of fragrance if you’re in a tropical area since it will be a cold-weather aroma.

8. Valentino Valentina

Men can use the amber floral scent Valentina by Valentino. In 2011, Valentina was introduced. Olivier Cresp and Alberto Morillas are the authors of Valentina. 

Valentino Valentina is a combination of citrus and vanilla notes, along with sweet floral notes like cedar. It has a remarkably natural quality to it as well as a sophisticated air of grace.

valnetino valentina bottle


Firstly, jasmine is the dominant floral note; at times, strawberry and, subsequently, a sizable amount of truffle, support it. The fruity flavors don’t appear to be all that prominent, and the overall flavor is more earthy than particularly fruity. Even while the smell has intensified, it is still not overbearing.

In the end, there was still a hint of strawberry along with jasmine and tuberose, cedar, and truffle. which rests on a foundation of cedar, vanilla, and amber. Very warm and pleasantly surprising fragrance for everyday use


It is all year fragrance but suits the best for men in winter. It is intended to be a contradiction-filled, fresh flowery, fruity, oriental symphony that is also elegant, sensuous, rebellious, and entertaining.

9. Valentino Very Pour Homme

One of the first scents from the upscale fashion house Valentino is called Very Valentino. It was released in 1999 and has a stunning Damask rose heart, which is ideal for men who place quality at the top of their list of priorities.

Although the odor has evolved to become more potent, it is still not overpowering.

valentino very box


First, before the heart opens to a reviving violet with a spicy undertone and the fragrance closes with a fresh conclusion, Very Valentino by Valentino perfume dazzles you with powerful florals with warm woody overtones.

Top Notes goes on with damask rose, white musk, vanilla absolute, amber, and sandalwood blended in this fragrance. to an end to Italian bergamot, Mandarin orange, and lily-of-the-valley, after sensing magnolia, tarragon, rosemary,


Vary by Valentino is a perfect go-on for winter and spring. It’s a confident and overpowering scent for strong personalities with a luxurious experience. to adore yourself.


They smell luxurious and unique, every scent is different but unique in a way of the scents choice.

They are designed by specialists around Europe and manufactured by Loreal Paris.

They do last between 6 to 8 hours with great silage providing you with an exquisite experience.

Valentino offers their perfumes in a range starting from 200 USD up to 1500 USD, which is quite amazing.

Mostly in Italy and Spain, it is where Valentino’s Fragrances are made.

No, in certain nations like China, third parties do animal testing on behalf of Valentino.


Magnificent fragrance brand Valentino is most known for its opulent, dark perfumes. You may possess both style and class simultaneously.

The scent line prioritizes men’s traditional appearances while exuding grace, refinement, and grandeur.

We can’t promise that if you indulge yourself in one of the best Valentino perfumes for men, you won’t go on to assemble a significant collection of them.

Now that we’ve covered every one of the most alluring Valentino scents.

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